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A Warm Welcome to You

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What you’ll find here is a little bit of everything. Sometimes a lot of everything – depending on what your interests are!

For instance:

Deborah Leigh, the Psychic Love Doctor, who offers intuitive life coaching and psychic readings. She’s also a card reading instructor at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach. Author of the book, ‘The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards.’

Dr. Lesa Leiden, a highly qualified and credentialed therapist who sees individuals and couples to help them build better relationships while providing coaching for life direction. She also works in tandem with Deborah Leigh.

Pamela Hopkins, healer and transformational coach who uses her results-oriented teaching approach from the fields of extraordinary energy healing methologies. She holds a number of empowering classes monthly.

Jeanne Kypros, Reiki Master and teacher who is in a class all her own – so steeped in her work and her vast knowledge of metaphysics and spirituality that she’s literally a guru. A wonderful teacher and practitoner.

Patti Somers, medium and psychic who can communicate with your ‘spirit people’ and enable you to find true peace in your life. Sessions with her are always an eye-opening and liberating experinece

Debi Ketner, an award-winning columnist who understands military life “up close and personal” so well as a Navy wife that sometimes it might curl your eyelashes.

Tamara – our *sexy* lady who finds life, well, literally orgasmic! – as a practitioner of the Personal Prophesy card reading method that Deborah Leigh teaches.

And…last but not least:

Webbica Woo – Our celebrity gossip monger who just loves to drop in every now and then!

Please enjoy what we have to share here on eClubamerica!