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Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes

Written By: admin - Sep• 15•10

OMG, Meryl…you were supposed to be accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award respectfully and with a ton of gratitude about your own career and you turned your speech into a political keel hauling of the new president-elect.


In my view, you were at the wrong event and in the wrong arena for your acrid blah-blah-blah.

Not everybody is a diehard Democrat, lady. Some of us are just average everyday Americans who voted for the candidate of our choice – a new breed, a horse of a different color for the next four years. Someone that, maybe – maybe!– might be able to bring a meaningful, positive paradigm shift to this country and turn us the hell around.

In case you forgot: the Electoral College made it’s decision. It’s a done deal. We have a new President. It is what it is.

Why can’t you and others like you be as tolerant and accepting as the rest of us were when Obama was elected and re-elected – dealing as we did with the eight years of his term in the White House. We despised him and his administration, but – and here’s what’s important – we suffered through it.

Sure, we cackled and rankled between us and online. The bottom line is that we accepted it. We dealt with it. We saw our way through the Obama years to this new election with every hope and dream that anyone has ever had that Trump will turn this country around.

We need that. We do. We need a new beginning for this country that isn’t mired in politics and bullshit. We need to give this man a chance – a real chance – as our new President.

Meryl, you should have given a nice speech about your career.  You should have accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award gracefully and with honor. Your award had absolutely nothing to do with the election for president. All you’ve done is realistically alienated all of us who voted for and support the new President. There are quite of few of us, you know.

Hopefully, that won’t affect your future box office popularity and residuals.





Now, it’s your turn.

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