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Hello from Deborah Leigh

Written By: admin - Oct• 05•14

Deborah Leigh

I’m Deborah Leigh, the Healing Fountain’s Intuitive Coach and Prophesy card reading instructor.  I work out of my office in Virginia Beach and also via my website at where psychic email readings and private intuitive consultations/counseling can be arranged 24/7.

If you’ve always wanted to become an expert navigator in terms of your life, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

I am the only living subject matter expert for the Personal Prophesy method which employs an ordinary deck of playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception.

Readings I conduct are highly literal in content and extremely specific.  I will tell you the truth 100 percent of the time in your reading, yet at the same time offer you empowering, inspiring insight in terms of the future, providing you with good, solid tools to improve the future before you’ve even lived it.

As the original “Love Doctor” ordained by AOL in the mid to late 90’s, I’ve established an incredibly large clientele as a result of my internet presence.  Many of those early recipients of my readings on AOL are with me still.  It’s the accuracy of this method and how I commit myself to walk with recipients every step of the way through these readings that I’ve earned such long-standing loyalty.

As a client of mine, you never need to feel alone.

Once you arrange a reading with me, I promise to always be there for you.  With every reading you request from me, I give you from-the-heart sincere and meaningful insight and support.

I’ll personally coach you through every situation and difficult period in your life.  I’ll help you use the Law of Attraction to help you bring to you the beautiful, successful, love-filled future you deserve to enjoy.  I want nothing but to see you happy and empowered, living the life you dream of for yourself!

Together we can make that happen for you within the frame work of your life – sooner than you think!

Life can be so challenging…but once you are able to see the abundance that the future holds for you and what you hold the power to achieve in terms of your life, every step you take becomes easier and less difficult in the process.

Knowing that success, love and happiness is out there for you and realistically within your grasp, your life becomes transformed in ways you can’t even imagine.

Please contact me.

I’m ready to help you through the confusion, the despair, the darkness.  All you have to do is allow a Personal Prophesy reading guide the way!



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