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Frequently asked questions.

~ Does the Healing Fountain take insurance payments?

Yes, insurance is accepted by Pamela Hopkins, CEO of the Healing Fountain should you arrange a therapy appointment with her or attend her classes and workshops.

Other practitioners at the Healing Fountain keep their fees for services reasonable enough that they are generally the equivalent of an insurance co-pay.

~ Do I need an appointment to see those who provide services at the Healing Fountain?

Yes, an appointment is necessary.  If you make an appointment, it’s important that you let us know should you need to cancel or reschedule.

How confidential is my visit at the Healing Fountain?

It’s 100 percent confidential. All practitioners at the Healing Fountain maintain full confidentiality with their clients.

Do I have to come into the Healing Fountain or can I make a phone or Skype appointment if i’m out of the area?

Yes! Most of us at the Healing Fountain work regularly with those who are out of the area, either over the phone or via Skype and video chat on Facebook.

Can I get services at the Healing Fountain and be billed to pay later?

No. Considering that our practitioners offer such low fees for their services, they require payment when they meet with you.